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SystematicallyDeigned supports the journey of building several cases from 0-level ideas to functioning companies. SD teams have been driving design-driven innovation in multiple sectors such as humanitarian, public sector, education, proptech, healthcare for some years now. Projects in themes such as culture transformation, diversity and inclusion, data-driven decision making, cross-silo coordination for corporates, AR use in multiple sectors such as art and education, health literacy, migration and integration, etc. 

For these projects, SD has worked closely with multiple organizations internationally with a very practical look at entrepreneurship to only build “what matters”!  SD implements “learning by doing” and “systemic” approach which gives a pragmatic path to innovation and development. For all these reasons, SD has been working under the radar for several years and has been testing its innovation business model under the shadow of multiple collaborations and partners. Most of the projects are yet at a confidential state, but we mention here the brief about some of them that are possible to share. 

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@Home in transition

A global initiative in the form of a practice-based and design-driven methodology that involves several local and global stakeholders in migration settings to collaborate.

AR ART.jpg


Creating the magic of mixing AR with ART, resulting in breath-taking installations, sculptures, experiences, and exhibitions.

SnicSnac 2.png


Building the world-leading geo-specific AR platform and social media.

Future emergency room_edited.jpg

Future Emergency Rooms

Design of concept and services of a Post-Covid19 emergency rooms, prepared for a future full of surprises

Oslo Welcome Center_edited.jpg

International Welcome Center

 Consortium building and service design project towards unifying the fragmented ecosystem of actors and their services for migrants in Norway

Corona tracking tool.png

Covid 19 Tracking tool

Digital solution for self-reporting and tracking during the early stages of Covid19

Birdflocks 3s.png


World's first online community platform in the AEC market, designed to optimize the performance of the industry internationally.

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