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Freelancers, Interns, and Consultants

As a professional or an intern, you are full of talent, skills, and fresh ideas to offer. You crave new things to learn and to expand your professional horizon. You seek opportunities to give your best to the world around you. You are up for creative and fruitful collaborations in complex projects that only challenge-friendly brains can survive working with.


Partner in crime

A big network of projects and companies are seeking your expertise, skills, and ambitions for supporting their growth path. They have full/part-time or internship positions for you and are happy to offer you cash or shares. 

Why? Because building a company from scratch is a hell of amount of work and requires finding the right people and activating their assets!

Let's hear your background and interests and assemble a well-functioning team together.


Knowledge, Network, Fun

Want to meet an international community and see how it can add value to you?

As soon as you enter the innovation and entrepreneurship world, you will be exposed to millions of different events and conferences! This is cool, but picking, paying, going, and taking the most out of them, is a headache!!

Let's bring you the core of those events: Knowledge, Network, and Fun!

To know more, look into the calendar!


Rich design space

The space around you designs how you think and behave! Then you design it first!

The market of coworking spaces, rental offices, and hubs is still pretty hot despite the pandemic! In addition to that, home-office is the new normal! We may spend on good desks, chairs, and screens to take care of our bodies, but what about our minds and emotions?

Let's see how we can together build your rich design space based on interior design and behavioral science.


Offer your best


Are you an experienced CEO? Retired or tired of corporations? How about if you become the CEO of 5 startups at the same time?!

CEO is an example here. As a professional expert in your field, you have a lot to offer to others at the beginning of their journey and can become their torch in dark. 

Let's hear your background and help you join the double “F” - Fun and Frustration - of multiple projects with different capacities. You will help them save months of unnecessary hard work and be part of their success!

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