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Advisors and Business Angels

You have capital, experience, and connections. After years of solid good work, you have become an expert in detecting opportunities and talents. You are a bit bored with the normal ways of working and looking for some adventures! You have gone through your growth process and now are ready to lift others too as a mentor and support in any way you can.


Knowledge, Network, Fun

Want to meet an international community and see how it can add value to you?

As soon as you enter the innovation and entrepreneurship world, you will be exposed to millions of different events and conferences! This is cool, but picking, paying, going, and taking the most out of them, is a headache!!

Let's bring you the core of those events: Knowledge, Network, and Fun!

To know more, look into the calendar!


Angels without wings


You have been in the game for some time, working and building your capital! There have been multiple ways for you to spend or invest your capital, but now you want to buy more fun with it too!

Join our community of investors and learn how to do angel investments at different stages of the startup journey.


Offer your best


As a professional expert in your field, you have paved the way and survived. Now you have a lot to offer to others at the beginning of their journey and can become their torch in dark.

Let's hear your background and help you join the double “F” - Fun and Frustration - of multiple projects with different capacities. You will help them save months of unnecessary hard work and be part of their success!


Cool stuff - Cases

Professional full-time angels and advisors sometimes receive 10 cases per day! It is because they have had skin in the game for a long time now. But why not you?

A big network of projects and companies are ready to welcome you and your resources as knowledge, capital, and network. They are happy to meet you and benefit from you as an asset for cash, shares, and a mix of both.

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