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Concept developers and Ideators

As a creative expert, every day you wake up with a practical concept that is a problem solver and implementable. You want to bring them all to life but it´s surely impossible if you´re alone! You are most likely busy with your ongoing work(s) and it´s killing to see all those ideas getting dust in your brain or your notebook. You wish that everyone was waiting for your to wake up with your idea and run with implementing it and you just guide.


Partner in crime

An international network of professionals, students, and companies is ready to join you in realizing your vision!

From a concept to an actual company is not easy! Especially when you feel on your own! You are professional in the area of your idea, but that is not enough to put it into action. It requires finding the right people, giving the right offerings, providing funding, coordinating roles, and activating their assets!

Let's hear your needs, analyze the stage you are at and assemble a well-functioning team together.


Knowledge, Network, Fun

Want to meet an international community and see how it can add value to you?

As soon as you enter the innovation and entrepreneurship world, you will be exposed to millions of different events and conferences! This is cool, but picking, paying, going, and taking the most out of them, is a headache!!

Let's bring you the core of those events: Knowledge, Network, and Fun!

To know more, look into the calendar!


Rich design space

The space around you designs how you think and behave! Then you design it first!

The market of coworking spaces, rental offices, and hubs is still pretty hot despite the pandemic! In addition to that, home-office is the new normal! We may spend on good desks, chairs, and screens to take care of our bodies, but what about our minds and emotions?

Let's see how we can together build your rich design space based on interior design and behavioral science.


Come to knot

It's cool to wake up with a new idea, but it turns into a trap when it happens every day! No one is going to stop your creative mind from filling in your notebook, but putting them all in action alone? Sooner or later, the waiting list of those ideas will make a frustrating legacy for you and the ones close to you!

Let's save you from your ideas! Together and in our safe environment, we´ll see what you´re up to, put experts like yourself around it, and keep killing the idea until we all together prove that it is worth living! Anything else can happen after that!


A torch in dark

Have you ever felt that you want someone to show you the 10 steps ahead? Guess what, those people exist!

Being an entrepreneur is a double “F” - Fun and Frustration! Sometimes you really need to get to know the people who have paved the way and survived! Sometimes a simple glimpse from an expert point of view saves you months of hard work!

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