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Tackling complex problems is not necessarily difficult and does not require too many resources, not if we approach them on multiple scales simultaneously and in constructive collaborations. 

Systemically Designed (“SD”) is an international transdisciplinary conflux of systemic brains and world-class projects - scaleups, startups, or to-be-founded. SD implements systemic, design-driven, and cooperative approaches to support companies and founders. They will be facilitated to sustain their efforts and efficiently bridge their assets for building more sustainable and inclusive business models.  Through international teams of advisors, business angels, startupers, and corporate brains, SD grows carefully curated cases through the valley of death to the global market.

SD takes a multidisciplinary approach to design and problem-solving, integrating ideas and practices from several disciplines brought by the network of experts and companies that work closely with. Disciplines such as behavioral science, anthropology, data utilization, complexity science, lean and agile methodologies, technologies such as AR/VR, etc. 

As a core, SD is expert in various types of design disciplines such as Systemic Design, Service Design, Interaction Design (UI/UX), Product Development, Participatory and Co-design, Universal Design, etc. Several designers, seniors and interns work with SD internationally on multiple cases and together strengthen the role of diversity in design and its inclusivity within different industries. 

SD builds and supports the journey of building several cases from 0-level ideas to functioning companies. For this purpose, SD also facilitates investment and soft funding, growth hacking, lobbying and legal, team management and organizational growth together with its sister companies. 

Offering all these together is only possible through SD´s systemic approach in problem-solving, tailored partnerships and cooperative business models.

What SD stands for ...


We dare to tackle big problems, even if they’re daunting.


We plan our exit at the very beginning, knowing how things can go on without us.


There are no sides to our project tables. We design and build together with users.


We don´t do unless the impact is clear and large


We work with problems that matter with long-term impact and large scale of influence.


We have something real to say and are standing by them for long-term



We are no heroes to be depended on. We´re rather facilitators and inspirational.


Our common problems are big enough not to be solved alone, nor to compete for.


We reuse resources, recycle ideas and rebuild value chains

Pay it forward principle

Our first question to you is not “what's in it for us”.


We are proud to share, but protect only when really necessary.


We have no ambition to be normal. Many of us have ADHD anyways!! :D

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